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Large 3 Headed Concrete Grinder

Planetary grinder for use on concrete, marble, stone and asphalt. Perfect for wet and dry applications on medium to large jobs. Produces a smooth and even surface. Separate drive system for central rotation and 3-disc planetary distribution. Various diamond sizes available for rough or smooth finishing at extra cost.It is an ideal machine for companies dealing with removal of coating, concrete grinding,polishing applications or cleaning concrete after demolition.

  • Can be split for easy transport upstairs or in vehicles.
  • Standard water hose connection with easy adjust ball valve flow control.
  • Heavy duty professional equipment 230V, easy to plug in on every jobsite
  • Closed circuit which is almost dust free, when connected to an appropriate Blastrac dust collector.
3 head planetary concrete grinder_Bendigo Smart Hire

PDF Guides & Specifications

Can Smart Hire provide other building equipment?

Yes! Smart Hire has a wide range of site & general hire equipment, going from builders toilets, temporary fencing & rubbish cages, to excavators, bobcats and scissor lifts.

Full Day: $420 (diamonds extra)
Week: $1550 (diamonds extra)
Weekend Special: $420 (weekend only)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you grind concrete?
Yes, many people grind concrete in order to either remove high spots in that have been laid in a slab, soften edges in either sharp or raised concrete, smooth over or remove old adhesives for the purpose of repainting, or simple grind and polish the concrete slab for an aesthetically pleasing finish. The process of concrete grinding is simple and easy, watch one of our instructional videos, or ask one of our staff in-store.

2. Is concrete grinding difficult?
No, the process itself of grinding concrete is relatively simple, with any handy DIY individual being up to the job. However, it is important to make sure that you have the right tool for the job, whether that be grinding concrete to expose the aggregate, removing old paint, polishing the concretes surface, scarifying to remove volume or simply to shape and/or edge a corner, being provided with the right machine and the right grinding attachments will make a world of difference.

3. How much does it cost to hire/rent a concrete grinder?
The price of a concrete grinder will vary depending upon the price of the machine and the duration over which you rent/hire it. Starting from a small hand-held concrete edger, the price is $130 per day & $500 per week, however, this is only appropriate for small jobs; compare this a single head concrete grinder, which is $195 per day, $700 per week, but is capable of grinding up to 80 square meters. Finally, a large 3-headed planetary concrete grinder is best used for areas above 80m2, and this costs $400 per day and $1500 per week.

4. How do I choose which grinding pads I require?
The best and easiest way to determine the required grinding pads is to either look at the linked PDF file titled “concrete blade selection chart” across any concrete grinding product or to watch our linked video on how to choose concrete grinding pads. Failing this, feel free to call in and talk to one of our helpful staff members.

5. What tool should I use to smooth concrete?
There are many tools that can be used to smooth concrete, organized by size, the first is a concrete surfacer/ edger, used to edge the sides of a slab, or smooth over rough edges of a protruding slab, the secondly is a single head concrete grinder, used to either grind or polish concrete in areas below 8m2. The third tool for smoothing concrete is a large 3-head planetary concrete grinder, which is the industrialized version of the small concrete grinder, appropriate for sizing above 80m2. Finally, if you are looking to remove a large amount of volume, a concrete scarifier is best, which utilizes hardened spinning rods to plain down the concrete in layers.

6. Do we charge for wear on the grinding pads?
Yes, this pricing will vary between machines and can be enquired about with our customer service team. The total charge is taken as a deposit, with the remaining diamond being refunded back at the conclusion of the hire.

Operating Instructions

What Our Customers Say

Alexandros Antoniadis
Alexandros Antoniadis
May 5, 2024
I used this company in Carnegie and have used again for a project here in Bendigo, service has been nothing short of exceptional. I’ve been renting their toilets and some machinery and everything works perfectly. I think I dealt with Sebastian who is clearly very passionate about this industry. Very very happy.
Osama Iqbal
Osama Iqbal
May 2, 2024
Sebastian is a very honest & a reasonable man. A professional who’ll guide you & discuss whats the best fit for your needs. Smart hire have helped me though-out my construction journey in bendigo, with its wide range of new equipment varieties. I highly recommended them!
May 2, 2024
Best equipment in Bendigo! I hired a cherry picker from here and I couldn’t be more happy! The staff were friendly, the price was good and the machine was in excellent condition.
Julio Cano
Julio Cano
April 18, 2024
Great service! We’ve used smart hire regularly
Shoaib Ali
Shoaib Ali
March 27, 2024
Very good service
Tim Addison
Tim Addison
March 12, 2024
Great guys and service
Alan Finkelshteyn
Alan Finkelshteyn
March 7, 2024
This place is fantastic. Best hires in Melbourne!
George Hrisovergi
George Hrisovergi
March 6, 2024
Great customer service and friendly staff. Very knowledgeable and I will gladly recommend them and hire from them again

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